UK Hotel Quarantine Food Diary Day 5 - Something Special for Easter

London Hotel Quarantine London Food Diary: Day 5 Sunday Menu


A picture paints a thousand words, which is just as well because today I have none. A shake of the head is all I have for you.

UK Hotel Quarantine Food Diary Day 5 not the breakfast I ordered

No I was wrong, I have found some words. What am I supposed to put the jam on? Where is my delicious croissant?! And the fruit salad? And the yogurt? Did I upset someone in the kitchen so they sent me the cooked breakfast instead, the only the part of the standard breakfast I didn’t want?

To better understand my frustration at this point read back through the story of my hotel quarantine food so far.

In all fairness when I did call down I was sent the correct breakfast order including duplicate fruit. Anyone for some extra fruit? I think I could start a small shop here now.


Happy Easter! Yes today is Easter Sunday so the first thing I noticed was that today’s chocolate was a mini egg. That was a nice sentiment. The soup of the day was leek and potato, and the main course was chicken Caesar salad (with another of those comical folded forks), and apple and sprite.

UK Hotel Quarantine Easter lunch

The soup had a nice flavour, however it was cold by the time it arrived and a scum had started to form on the surface. The roll was not warm or crispy, pretty sure they either forgot or didn’t realise it was supposed to be heated before it was sent out. It also had a thumb mark in it where someone had none too gently picked it up.

The salad was mainly flavourless greens and a bit of dry chicken along with a few slivers of Parmesan cheese, the tomatoes were nice and the croutons were the best part of today’s lunch, they were crunchy and tasty.

By now I have decided that the usual staff have Easter Sunday off, maybe even Easter weekend off, and hope that service will return to normal tomorrow.


Tonight’s dinner was a return to the delicious. On the menu was baked sea-bass with crushed potatoes.

UK Hotel Quarantine Baked Sea-bass on crushed potatoes

The fish was cooked perfectly, tender, moist and the skin peeled of effortlessly. Underneath was a bed of crushed potatoes, which at first I eyed dubiously remembering the mashed potato of day 0 but these crushed potatoes were nothing like the over-salted mash of day one, and soon there was nothing left on the plate except a trace of the Olive and Tomato Compote.

UK Hotel Quarantine classic food - profiteroles

My only gripe was that there was no vegetables of any sort, due to my special request for daily fruiot in my morning breakfast I was eating plenty of fresh fruit, but without this there was no hope of reaching the recommend “5 fruit and veg a day”. I don't think the quarantine food menu had been designed around a balanced diet.

Dessert was a classic favourite of chocolate profiteroles.

I may not have mentioned it before but dinner was always served with a soft drink, a J2O which explained why there was a bottle opener in the welcome packet.

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An abundance of fruit as part of ny UK Hotel Quarantine Food diet