UK Hotel Quarantine Food Diary Day 6 - Continuous Improvement

London Hotel Quarantine London Food Blog: Day 6 Monday Menu

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Best Hotel Quarantine Breakfast UK fruit salad and yogurt


Breakfast this morning brought the usual chunky fruit salad with lumps too big for 1 bite, and certainly far too big for the small plastic spoon provided. Luckily by this time I had secured my own bowl by special request from the kitchen and a proper sized spoon which I was keeping and washing myself.

In addition to the usual fruit salad, yogurt and croissant there was also hard boiled eggs and slices of cheese, this was not something I had requested but presumably was a replacement for the cooked breakfast which I had cancelled. This was a welcome additional and pleasant change from lots of additional fruit.


Todays soup was minestrone, served with the usual crispy roll.

Smoked salmon sandwich for lunch in hotel quarantine

Described as “Smoked Salmon on a Malted Bloomer” the main course of lunch today was a a smoked salmon sandwich. I was initially concerned when I saw the bread since it looked and felt like it had already dried out, but actually once you bit into it it was fine, still moist on the inside, and there was plenty of filling, even if it was a little heavy on the cream cheese taking away from the flavour of the smoked salmon.

The now familiar packet of crisps, chocolate bar (milky way) and fizzy drink rounded off the meal.


In one word - Scrumptious! After a tentative start on the first night the dinners have continued to improve and this was the best dinner I had had yet.

Delicious hotel quarantine dinner of lamb in Holiday Inn London

Described by the menu as Lamb, Pomme Anna, Mushroom and Pea Fricassee I wasn’t sure what to expect (I mean what is pomme anna and what is a fricassee?) but there was no need to fear as it was delicious.

Pomme anna it turns out is a dish of thinly sliced layered potatoes, I’m not sure how it is supposed to taste but I felt this version was a bit heavy on the salt which took away from the delicious natural sweetness of the potatoes (not sure what variety of potatoes they were but they were good!) The mushroom and pea fricassee turned out to be mushrooms and peas served in a light white sauce which seemed to flavoured with some sort of stock. It was very tasty but as with all the evening meals it was no more than a token gesture at vegetables.

The star of the show was undoubtedly the lamb which was beautifully tender. By now if you have read my other quarantine food reviews you have probably gleaned my aversion to salt, but although I could taste the salty flavours on the outside of the meat by the second mouthful all I could taste was the delicious flavours of the lamb.

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Delicious Hotel Quarantine Food - landscape photo