Food In Hotel Quarantine London UK in 2021

UK Managed Quarantine - Is Food included in Hotel Quarantine

Full board is provided as part of your managed hotel quarantine package. Meals will likely vary between hotels and the choice may be limited but you will get three meals per day delivered to your door each day with a soft drink, bottled water, tea and coffee is usually provided in your room as is standard in most hotel rooms today, and fresh fruit is also included in your package.

Review of Quarantine UK

Hotel Quarantine Food and Drink at Holiday Inn London - How does it work?

Review of Quarantine UK

Included in your package will be three meals a day, breakfast lunch and dinner, as well as bottled water and fresh fruit. A soft drink will be provided with your meal and bottled water is usually left outside your bedroom door every couple of days, if you need more water in between deliveries then you can call housekeeping who will happily make a delivery for you.

There will be a piece of fresh fruit with your lunch pack every other day, however you can order more fruit from the kitchen at any point. Since I didn't want the cooked breakfast I requested that the cooked breakfast was replaced with fresh fruit and so I had a constant supply of fresh fruit.

Menus offering a choice between 2 options per meal were provided on arrival and on Saturday for the following week and you will be asked to complete your meal preference for each day.

For breakfast each day was fruit juice (usually orange), yoghurt, fruit salad and a pastry (i.e. a croissant for all the days I was there) as well as a choice of either a vegetarian or a full English cooked breakfast option.

Lunch was similar to what you might buy at a supermarket sandwich bar and was clearly brought in from various sources rather than prepared in the hotel kitchen. It consisted of a choice between 2 sandwich options (usually a meat and a vegetarian option) and in addition there was a different flavoured soup each day of the week served with a roll, a fizzy can of drink, and 2 of the following items depending on the day of the week: a chocolate bar, a piece of fruit, crisps.

Both breakfast and lunch came in takeaway style containers with plastic knives and forks. Forewarned is forearmed and having read this in advance I came prepared with my own cutlery which I had packed in my suitcase which made eating distinctly more enjoyable.

Dinner was a much grander affair, and was a hot meal arriving on a tray under a silver plate cover with proper cutlery and a thick black paper napkin.

Review of Quarantine UK

Again for dinner each day their was a choice of cooked meal, one of which was a vegetarian option. In addition there was a soft drink (as standard this was a J2O), and the dessert of the day.

If there is something else you would like such as alcoholic beverages then room service was available, if you want to use this service make sure you lodge a credit card at reception on arrival. In addition you could order takeaway deliveries to your room, make sure to include the room number when you do. Your package will be left in reception by the delivery company and delivered to your room by one of the security staff.

For more information visit my UK Hotel Quarantine Food Diary here.

Overall the food was of a decent enough quality, however if you really think you are going to struggle with the food, and in particular if you don't enjoy take-away lunch food or you are travelling as a family with fussy eaters, then consider requesting a fridge to be put in your room before you even arrive or immediately on arrival (I requested one on arrival but there wasn't one available until a couple of days after I arrived). Once you have your room number you can order a few items online from a supermarket such as Tesco or Sainsburys, make sure you include your room number in the delivery address. Do remember though that you will have no means of heating or cooking anything so this does greatly limit what you can choose. Also, none of us like waste but this might be the one time you want to include delivery trays or bags in your order, after all it has to be carried to your room by someone.

You can find a detailed food diary from all my meals along with my experiences in special requests in my UK Hotel Quarantine Food Diary here.

Review of Quarantine UK