Travelling from South Africa Red List Country to the UK in 2021

Travel from South Africa to UK during COVID-19 - Before You travel

This article will be posted soon, check back later to read my full account starting from Kruger in South Africa to London in the UK.

The content of this page is currently made up from extracts from my review of UK Quarantine article, check it out if you haven't read it yet.

Empty Security counters at OR Tambo, Johannesburg International Airport

Arrivals to UK Airports from Red List Countries

Review of Quarantine UK

When you arrive at immigration from a red listed country, make sure you follow the signs to the red country arrivals in immigration (at Heathrow this is to the left of the main queue and has red signs above it). If you don't do this you will likely find yourself queuing twice. A number of people who arrived on my plane did not immediately go to the correct queue but found themselves escorted to the back of the now significantly longer red queue. Note that our plane had not arrived directly from a red listed country since direct flights from South Africa to the UK were not allowed at this time, but if you have been in a red listed country at any point in the 10 days prior to your arrival the same rules will apply.

At immigration you will be asked for various documents relating to your travel arrangements and managed quarantine booking documents before being escorted to collect your luggage and onto one of the shuttle buses to be taken to your managed quarantine hotel.

You can find out more about travelling to and arriving in the UK from a red listed country (in my case South Africa) here.

Staying Safe During travel

Review of Quarantine UK

More information coming soon.

My personal feeling and advice to anyone looking for a holiday is remember "local is lekker" I.e if you feel you need to get away for a few days then try to stay as local as possible, not just for your own safety but out of consideration for others. Remember that while a vaccine may protect you from the worst effects of the virus and does reduce the spread you could still be taking the virus with you

For those who cannot avoid travelling at this time I hope that the above will help re-assure you and help you plan your trip.

Whatever you decide, remember to stay socially distant as far as possible, wash your hands frequently (as a minimum before leaving your home/hotel and on your return), while you are out and about use hand sanitiser before entering shops and restaurants and after handling anything, wear a mask whenever possible whenever you leave your home/hotel. I hope that you all stay safe and well.

Review of Quarantine UK
Review of Quarantine UK