UK Hotel Quarantine Food Diary Day 4 - Send back that Breakfast

London Hotel Quarantine London Food Blog: Day 4 Saturday Menu


This gets another hmm, what is wrong with this picture?

If you have been keeping up with the plot so far you will know that after being underwhelmed by the English breakfast on day one I requested it be replaced by fruit, this happened perfectly on day 2 but since then, well I really have no idea what is happening, if it’s the system or the people reading (or not reading) the orders properly or delivering to the wrong room. Still by now I already have a collection of fruit from previous days so I ate the rest of the meal and just sent the cooked breakfast back.


I have one thing to say above all else about today’s lunch and that is “CURLYWURLY”! I didn’t even know they still made curlywurly. All else is forgiven. Yes I know I said I wasn’t a fan of chocolate but this isn’t chocolate, it’s a curlywurly!

And also in today’s lunch bag there was a pretty decent vegetable soup, another warm crispy roll and a prawn wrap. No fruit today but there was a bag of crisps and a fizzy drink. Just as well it wasn’t a fruit day actually, it’s only day 4 and I am now getting more fruit per day than I am eating with the extra from breakfast.


Best dinner yet. Almost makes me sad I won’t be here next Saturday night to enjoy it again.

Lemon and herb Chicken with saute potatoes (best potatoes of my entire stay) and creamed leek. Another big thank you to whichever chef or decision maker put this on the menu.

I probably should write more since the meal was so good, but honestly I just tucked in and enjoyed it without thinking about it too much so I will just let the photo speak for itself.

Dessert was a passion fruit slice, some of the other desserts have been better I would say but it was still very nice.

What will tomorrows food bring? UK Quarantine Food Diary Day 5

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UK Hotel Quarantine Food Diary Day 4 Dinner