Driving to Africa Overland in a Land Rover Defender

Will I ever Get to Africa?

All I wanted to do was get to Africa, but it seemed like the universe had other ideas. Would I ever get to Africa?

Africa Overland Video Part 1: Driving from Scotland to Morocco One cold morning in November I set off in my trusty Land Rover Defender to drive all the way from Scotland to South Africa, and this is the story of my eventful journey from Scotland to Morocco.

Africa Overland. We've all heard of Cape to Cairo overland route right? Well here starts the story of how I packed up my life in the UK to drive overland in my Land Rover with the aim of driving all the way to the Cape Town in South Africa, an even longer journey which will take me from coast to coast along the length and breadth of Africa (more than once).

It really did seem in those first few days of my overland adventure as I drove through south Scotland and England continuing on through France and Spain, like the biggest challenge was not driving through Africa itself but just getting onto the African continent. The weather seemed to be fighting against me every step of the way. Watch more to find out what challenges I had to overcome as I made my way overland driving from Scotland to South Africa.

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