Mauritania Overland in a Land Rover Defender

Mauritania Part 1: Nouadhibou to Nouakchott

Mauritania brings with it a very memorable journey for all the wrong reasons. Having made it to Mauritania we face our biggest challenge yet on our overland Africa adventure as we leave Nouadhibou to dig & drive through a Mauritanian minefield, follow the railroad to the beach "road" nearly losing the land rover to the Atlantic Ocean as we drive south along the empty beach and over sand dunes on our journey to the capital city of Mauritania - Nouakchott.

There is no doubting the desolate beauty as we stare out into the Atlantic Ocean with the sand dunes to our back, but the forces of nature also provide unexpected challenges.

Twenty years ago my wife and I packed up our life in the UK and set off to drive overland in our Land Rover Defender with the aim of driving all the way to the Cape Town in South Africa, a journey which will take us from coast to coast along the length and breadth of Africa (more than once).

Because this journey was twenty years ago, there were no smartphones, no google maps, and no digital cameras. The photos taken on the journey were on transparencies, designed to be projected. I have taken photographs of some of those slides for the purpose of showing in this video.

At the time of our journey, there was no road connecting the two largest cities of Nouadhibou and Nouakchott.

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