Chad Overland in a Land Rover Defender

Travelling in Chad: Driving round Lake Chad

This video tells the story of an overland journey through Chad and the Sahara Desert in 2001 covering a section in Africa with no roads, round the top of Lake Chad from Niger into Chad and on to N'Djamena. Would you risk this journey today (or even then)?

We drive round the top of Lake Chad, but where is the lake? We risk it all on what is the most difficult section of our epic overland journey from the UK to Cape Town in South Africa. On this section of our epic journey there are no roads, no people, no water, and yet we set off armed with our michelin map and a GPS to navigate our way from Niger to Chad.

Twenty years ago my wife and I packed up our life in the UK and set off to drive overland in our Land Rover Defender with the aim of driving all the way to the Cape Town in South Africa, a journey which will take us from coast to coast along the length and breadth of Africa (more than once).

Because this journey was twenty years ago, there were no smartphones, no google maps, and no digital cameras. The photos taken on the journey were on transparencies, designed to be projected. I have taken photographs of some of those slides for the purpose of showing in this video.

We went 7 days without seing another soul as we travelled through a no-mans land following tracks in the sand where we can find them and following the few GPS points we know of to guide us through the Sahara Desert.

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