Arcos De La Frontera

Arcos de la Frontera is one of those places where you can really chill, relax and just enjoy the Andolusian atmosphere.

first published 20 August 2018

Arcos de la Frontera in Andalusia Spain has a fascinating history. The below travel video from my Europe Travel Vlog series will give you some ideas of what to do if on a visit Arcos de la Frontera as well as giving some Spanish history of this frontier town in Cadiz Spain.

If you prefer to see for yourself then go ahead and watch my Arcos De La Frontera video now.

Arcos de la Frontera Town Square and Church or Cathedral

"For many years this square in Arcos de la Frontera was the bullring"

Arcos De La Frontera Town Square and Cathedral It's quite a steep walk up to the town square but from most places in the town of Arcos de la Frontera it only about a 10 - 15 minute walk.

For many years this square in Arcos de la Frontera was the bullring, but now it's a parking ring so you jostle with cars not with bulls up here.

The most prominant feature on the town square itself is the big church or cathedral that was built on top of the mosque once Arcos de la Frontera was conquered in the 13th century.

There is a fascinating circular feature in the paving outside the cathedral which was used for casting out demons from babies before they were baptized. If you look carefully on all the white squares around the edge there are grey dots, the dots on each square mirrors a constellation in the sky.

Views & Raptors of Arcos de la Frontera

There is a beautiful view point over the surrounding landscape.

Also up here you will find these raptors which have been rescued from various places. You can hold them and have a photograph taken for a donation towards looking after these birds.

Views across Spain

Arcos de la Frontera History

Arcos de la Frontera has a rich and amazing history.

It's called de la Frontera because it was the front line when the Europeans and the Spanish were trying to push the North African Moors out of Spain.

During this period of history Arcos de la Frontera was a frontier town and it changed hands several times, you know the Moors came and they built the mosque and they settled the town of Arcos del la Frontera, and then when the Christian re-conquisition came the Chirstians took over the town, knocked down the mosque, built the cathedral on top of it and converted it back to a Christian town.

Courtyard in Andalusia

Arcos de la Frontera was on the front lines of the battle that slowly but surely pushed the Moors back into North Africa, and you can feel that character in the streets, the cobbled streets and narrow lanes, the white walls. It's beautiful to wander round, spend some time absorbing this atmosphere and enjoying these, the lovely feel that you get.

Walking the Cobbled Streets of Arcos and soaking up the History

"...there's a cafe around every corner..."

Cafe in Arcos De Lat Frontera Spain Arcos de la Frontera is not a big place so you can wander around happily on foot.

Driving around is not so easy, there's lots of cobbled streets and narrow streets so it's best to park up like I did and just walk your way through.

Now it is up and down in patches, but it's not that far and of course there's a cafe around every corner, so if you get a bit tired and you need a rest, sit down and have a lovely drink and enjoy all the viewpoints around the town.

Have a look at the church and the town square, and just absorb the beautiful Andolusian atmosphere. Arcos de la Frontera is one of those places where you can really chill, relax and just enjoy the atmosphere.

Andalusia Spain

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