Is Kuta Beach in Bali worth visiting?

Weighing up some of the pros and cons of visiting Kuta Beach in Bali

published 15 December 2019

Kuta Beach in Bali is probably the best known beach since Kuta is where it all began for the modern traveller seeking long sandy beaches with sun, sea and surf and an active nightlife. But is Kuta worth visiting when there are so many other options available for travellers visitng Bali today?

If you prefer to see for yourself then go ahead and watch my Back in Bali video now. This video will give you an insight into what to expect if you visit the most popular beach in Bali.

Kuta Bali vs Kuta Lombok

Well let's way up some of the pros and cons of Kuta Beach, but before we do that something to clear up about where Kuta Beach is.

There are two beaches named Kuta beach in close proximity - Kuta Beach in Bali, and Kuta Beach on the nearby Lombok island. So when you are doing your research make don't get them confused.

This blog is about Kuta Bali, Kuta Lombok is a whole different kettle of fish and I will write a separate blog about Kuta Lombok later and link it here.

Is Kuta worth Visiting?

Kuta Beach Bali view from the sky So, you want to know if Kuta is worth visiting? Well let's take a closer look.

First of all, Kuta is close to the airport, and as a beach experience Kuta Bali has everything you might want to see and do.

Things to Do in Kuta Bali

What does Kuta Beach have to offer visitors, and why is it so popular?

With just a wave of the hand you can attract souvenir sellers from anywhere along this beautiful long sandy beach, if you are looking to sunbathe or lounge in the shade you can hire sun loungers, there are massage stalls all along the beach, places to eat and buy a cold drink, plenty of good surf and places to hire a surf board or to take surf lessons if you are a beginner or just want to give it a try.

  • Sunbathing
  • Massages
  • Eat & drink
  • Hire a surf board
  • Take a surf lesson
  • Buy souvenirs

So at first glance Kuta Bali sounds like it has it all right?

Kuta Beach Indonesia Well yes, and no. Kuta has everything you might need, but is the best beach in Bali? That depends if you enjoy crowded beaches or not.

If you don't mind a crowded beach, want the convenience of having everything within a short walk and/or love the party vibe then Kuta Bali is for you!

If however you are looking for the idealic picture postcard Bali experience and want to get away from the crowds then all the pros above may actually be cons for you and you may want to look a little further afield.

You don't need to go far from Kuta to experience a completely different Bali. For some more ideas check out my Best Beaches of Bali guide which I will link here soon.

Things to Do in Kuta Bali

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